Thursday, October 23, 2008

Political Mumbo Jumbo

During this, the season of political elections, like all of you, I’ve been bombarded with ads by candidates running for almost every office imaginable. Some of them are clever, some of them are dull, and some of them make absolutely no sense. Like one I heard the other day that ended with the catch phrase ‘Vote for so and so, because he cares’.

What exactly does ‘because he cares’ really mean and who or what does he claim to care about? I mean, everyone cares about something. Even hardened criminals with sleazy minds and horrible body odor care about stuff but that doesn’t make me want to vote for them.

Can’t they come up with something original for a change? Like, wouldn’t it be cool if a young adult knocked at your door and said, “My name is Susan and I represent Senator So and So who is running for President. Can I come in and mop your kitchen floor while I tell you why So and So cares about you?” I’d sure remember that in the voting booth, wouldn’t you?

Seriously though, what would really impress me is to be told the truth. I get so tired of hearing all those campaign promises that everyone knows a candidate can’t possibly keep. Like the kid in the 7th grade who promised, if elected as student counsel president, he would shorten school days, improve the food in the cafeteria and make the candy in the vending machine cheaper. Sure it sounded great, and he got elected, but the office just didn’t carry that kind of authority.

Is it too much to ask, to have leaders of our government who value honesty. Men and women who have the courage to do what is best for the people and not for the lobbyists? Who are more concerned with what is right than what is popular? Someone who’s character can withstand examination and who we can trust to lead our families and the rest of the nation with integrity?

I’m going to think about that next week when I go to vote, but in the mean time, if anyone hears about a candidate washing windows or scrubbing bathrooms, you let me know!

1 comment:

dkbrunk said...

If there was a politician (and staff!) offering to do your house chores, they'd be out of your political jurisdiction.

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